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Communicate with Influence and Impact

Elevate your communication skills to influence outcomes and make a lasting impact. This program integrates the psychology of persuasion and credibility, insights from neuroscience into the role of emotion and logic in perception, and high impact communication strategies that help build effective storytelling, negotiation and public speaking skills in high pressure and diverse contexts. Learn to tailor your message for different audiences, leverage non-verbal cues, and employ rhetorical devices to become a truly impactful communicator.

For Leaders

Communication in Crisis Management

Equip yourself with the communication skills to handle crisis effectively. This program integrates the psychology of stress management and perception, the neuroscience behind our decision-making under pressure, and strategies that control communication and reputation management in a time of crisis.

For Leaders

Diversity, Inclusion and Communication

Lead your organisation towards diversity and inclusion through effective communication. Understand the psychology of ethical decision-making, the neuroscience of good relationships, and strategies for growth and stakeholder engagement.

For Teams and Groups

High Performing Teams

Elevate your team leadership skills by taking your team through a highly focused workshop to reset performance metrics, conflict resolution, and effective communication. Learn about group dynamics, the neuroscience of stress and reward systems, and best practices in performance reviews to create high performance teams with a win win focus.

For Teams and Groups

Innovation and Creativity

Cultivate a culture of innovation and creativity in your organisation, department, business or team. Understand the psychology of creative thinking, gain insights into the neuroscience behind problem-solving, and discover strategies and tangible actions that help individuals and team innovate and create for performance.

For Teams and Groups

Personal Brand

Plan for your next five years of high performance by delving into your contribution and reputation capital. Learn about how you are perceived and how to create an authentic representation of yourself in order to thrive. This program combines psychological insights on influence, neuroscience on decision-making pathways, and communication strategies used by the world's most influential leaders.

For Leaders

Stakeholder Influence (C-Suite & Executive)

Great leaders start by ensuring their high impact decisions are seen by the stakeholders strategically required to see them. Through data-driven insights, communication methodologies and learnings from some of the world's most influential leaders, this program integrates practical and applicable actions leaders can take to influence specific stakeholders with impact. The program includes insights from psychology, neuroscience and communication to inspire action and change.

For Leaders


Development workshops for leaders and teams

Expertly developed training programs informed by psychology and experience working with influential leaders and high performing teams in business, retail, government, not-for-profit and agency settings. 

90 mins, 3 hr & 6 hr workshops delivered virtually by qualified, expert trainers.

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