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Understanding your communication style is essential for authentic growth and sustainable success. If you are unclear about the driving forces behind your own behaviour and actions relating to your communication, you risk being misunderstood and not creating impact or influence. The Decision Shift Co.'s CCHA DISC Assessment is your roadmap to unlocking a more impactful you and illuminating not just your strengths, but also shedding light on what might be inhibiting your progress.

The self-assessment provides you with actionable insights that align with your core values, which will assist with fostering relationships, personal growth and enjoying better outcomes. Founded in DISC Theory, developed by Marston in 1928 in Emotions of normal people, The Decision Shift Co. CCHA provides insight into the communication styles seen in today's environment, factoring modern communicative technologies in the activation of our communication.

 The Decision Shift Co. CCHA DISC Assessment is a tool designed for anyone committed to self-improvement, effective communication, and robust teamwork.

Unlock the power of understanding your communication style for better influence and stronger relationships, both professionally and personally. Our assessment serves as a common vernacular that helps you, your team, and your community better comprehend the complexities of human behavior and interaction.


From individual growth to team dynamics, The Decision Shift Co.'s CCHA DISC Assessment is an indispensable resource for anyone looking to elevate their understanding of themselves and the world around them.

What is a DISC Assessment?

The DISC Assessment was developed by psychologist William Moulton Marston to investigate how an individual identifies with four personality types, specifically dominance, influence, steadiness and conscientiousness. The psychological theory explains that everyone has one or more of these four characteristics, with a non-judgemental view that each is not identified as either positive or negative, but rather an evident personality trait. The assessments assist with understanding how people behave, specifically with regard to conflict, problem resolution and working styles. 


The Decision Shift Co. has developed an evolved interpretation of the DISC assessment, which is a short self-assessment that focuses on individual strengths and behaviours that help people better understand their own communication style. The assessment is designed to assist individuals with identifying their motivation and strengths to communicate with influence and impact, in addition to assisting with the development of high-performing teams.

The Decision Shift Co. incorporates the CCHA DISC Assessment in both communication and leadership training and coaching.

Here, you can take The Decision Shift Co. CCHA DISC assessment for free, with a value of $270 (AUD). 

Benefits of completing the CCHA DISC Assessment

Heightened Self-Awareness

  • Lay the foundation for personal and professional growth by recognizing your strengths and identifying areas for development.


Enhanced Communication

  • Empower your team with the tools to communicate transparently and effectively, reducing misunderstandings and fostering a collaborative atmosphere.


Conflict Resolution

  • Navigate interpersonal dynamics with precision, identifying the root causes of conflicts and resolving them swiftly to maintain team harmony.


Team Cohesion

  • Build a stronger, more synergistic team by understanding how individual strengths and weaknesses complement one another.


Leadership Skills

  • Hone your leadership abilities by gaining a comprehensive understanding of your team’s working styles and communication preferences.


Customer Engagement

  • Equip your customer service and sales teams with the insights needed to connect deeply and meaningfully with a diverse clientele.

Do you know your communication style?

Know yourself and your communication style. And by taking this action, discover new ways to communicate with influence and impact professionally and in your daily life.

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