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Blueprint Performance Program For Emerging Leaders

A transformative evidence-based and psychologically developed program that provides foundational leadership skills to form critical habits that drive individual and performance, leadership effectiveness and measurable success.


This is a program designed for new and emerging leaders to build positive and effective leadership behaviours while having practical and applicable skills to enhance individual and team performance.

"I feel like this has changed the course of my leadership.
I know what I need to do to exercise influence in a positive way."

Program Overview

This immersive program applies insights from psychology, neuroscience, management and business to create practical and effective development exercises that produce an transformational experience that will help you:

1. Enhance output through expert delegation

Learn how to effectively and expertly delegate to avoid a culture of micro management and team dissatisfaction.

Explore vital skills to exercise appropriate delegation for high performance

Applying psychological principles and insights from management and communication frameworks, we guide you through practical models for effective delegation, outlining a measurable process that creates positive and productive environments.

2. Improve quality, performance and engagement with effective feedback

Feedback can be a positive and productive opportunity to enhance connection and trust with individuals in your team. Knowing when and how to provide relevant and specific feedback is an essential skill to navigate poor performance and low levels of engagement.

Applying insights from psychology to inform behaviour, we provide the tools, scenarios and methodologies to foster a culture of high performance and psychologically safe feedback.

Address the challenges of authority and power dynamics to enhance the feedback process

Recognise the patterns of effective feedback

Explore strategies for providing valuable and empowering feedback for growth

3. Engage and empower with effective expectation management

Clear and consistent communication is the tool of every impactful and influential leader. By managing expectations, you can avoid frustration, confusion and low morale.

Applying insights from psychology, neuroscience and communication, we provide emerging leaders with essential tools to build individual and team cohesion, starting with a decision to prioritise agreed activity, manage promises and ensure everyone knows what is required from them and each other.

Explore the critical role of expectation management in high performing teams

Understand the psychology of expectation management

Identify practical and evidence-based tools and frameworks that impact the way individuals perceive expectations and how to effectively manage through different needs and challenges.

4. Create Psychological Safety 

We help leaders exercise self-reflection and self-awareness to ensure they self-regulate through the challenging highs and lows of their leadership to build a positive culture where psychological safety is prioritised.

Responsibly applying our psychological expertise, we provide leaders with the tools and skills to manage the diverse needs and challenges of individuals within the team, to build psychologically safe cultures that perform better.

Understand the importance of psychological safety in performance

Foster a culture of psychological safety

Facilitate a growth mindset with individuals in your team

Identify the steps and strategies leaders can take to build psychologically safe environments

5. Essential communication skills to inspire performance

The most influential leaders have one unifying skill in common. They are effective communicators with a diverse range of stakeholders. This means they are able to unlock employee engagement through positive, productive and respectful communication in diverse settings, including 1 on 1 and team meetings, presentation and reporting, and influential stakeholder management.

Integrating psychological principles with management and communication frameworks, we step through how to use specific touchpoints with individuals, your team and greater stakeholders to drive engagement, impact and positive results.

Understand your Leadership Communication Style using CCHA Disc Insights

Identify the individual communication needs and challenges of your people

Identify effective strategies for challenging situations and people

Build a culture of high performance, engagement and results

Understand the psychological principles behind fostering high performance

6. Recognise the levers

Learn how to identify opportunities to unlock the full potential of others

Identify the channels of influence available to you to spotlight your leadership

7. Inspire Performance

Leaders need to recognise the different motivations and needs of people and lead them towards high performance.

Applying psychological insights and communication frameworks, we provide leaders practical tools to influence, engage and inspire performance.

"The insights were fascinating, and the practical tools have really made a difference to the way I do things."

Blueprint Performance Program for Emerging Leaders



Outcome Checklist

1. Know how to delegate effectively

2. Create a positive culture with engaging feedback models

3. Master managing expectations of all relevant stakeholders

4. Know how to cultivate psychologically safe environments

5. Communicate with clarity for influence and impact

6. Recognise the levers to unlock individual and team potential

7. Learn the frameworks for inspiring individual and team performance

Tools and Skills Checklist

1. Have the feedback framework to increase engagement, foster a growth mindset and better performance

2. Be equipped with evidence-based delegation techniques

3. Prepare a highly effective and tailored reporting template outlining key team and leadership deliverables

4. Know the vehicles for managing stakeholder expectations for engagement and influence

5. Know specific strategies for creating a psychologically safe environment and culture

6. Know the psychology behind communication methods for influence and impact

7. Be prepared to inspire performance across key touchpoints, including performance reviews

Learn how to expertly delegate, provide feedback, manage expectations, create psychological safety, communicate effectively and inspire performance.

Tomorrow's leaders.


Our facilitators are highly qualified in helping leaders realise their potential, having coached and advised executives, agency leads, board members and emerging leaders in top national and international corporate, agency, government, business and not-for-profit sectors. This experience and expertise in underpinned by qualifications in psychology, chartered accounting, business and communication to create a potent developmental experience that drives the results you need.


Provided for your continued learning and development journey.


Access to program content, online resources and assessments to share with your team.


Complete your completion survey and reflect on your learnings, your challenges and note your future pledge. Certificates of attendance are also emailed following the workshop as a reminder of your work and your commitment to your leadership development.                


Content tailoring for personalisation. Access to attendee results report and feedback insights. Post-program call to discuss impact and opportunities.

Included In All Programs

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